Order info about Sprinter 4×4 vans

The first orders that we will be able to submit to the factory will be sometime around the middle of November.


Subject to change of course. I have been informed that only orders for SOLD units will be accepted. We will have to provide documentation of the order with a deposit for one to be accepted.

The Sprinter folks have not formulated the allocation process as of yesterday. They are having meetings about it next week. So as of right now I don’t know if I will be able to get everyone’s order accepted, and not sure when the orders will be filled. They have not determined how many 4×4 Sprinter vans will be available for US dealers to sell for this year. I know this, there will be less built than the current demand that I see.

We do not have a price yet for the 4×4 options, and that may not be disclosed until the first vans are built and heading to the port of Charleston.

We will be selling the Sprinter 4×4 at MSRP, but we will not mark them up over MSRP like I have heard some dealers plan to do.

I will take every customers name that reply’s with the form below, and submits it to me by November 1st, that is ready to place an order, at MSRP with a $2000 deposit and put them in a hopper. I will draw a name for each order slot that is made available to our dealership. I will let each of you know what number your order will be in the list by November 5th so you have an opportunity to do something different. If you do not wish to wait I will not take your deposit. Deposits will not be refunded after the order has been submitted to the factory.

When I have the list complete, I will contact you to get the specifics of your order and get your deposit. You can be getting prepared by going to the factory website, http://www.mbsprinterusa.com and click the build and equip link to go through the options for the 2 wheel drive model, using the V6 engine choice, to decide what options you will want. Once your order is submitted to Sprinter I will let you know what the estimated production schedule is.

I wish I could tell everyone that we can get you a Sprinter 4×4 during 2015, but that may not happen. I only hope that Mercedes-Benz Sprinter sees the excitement of this product and gear up for a bigger production in 2016.

Complete the form below. Some fields have drop down menus.


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