What is the BEST Sprinter van for a conversion, Day 2.

The BEST Sprinter Van is the one that gives you the most room, in the most convenient vehicle to drive.


We have built custom conversions on every possible combination of size and model. Now we need to look at what options you want and NEED. For 2014 there are 30 Option Packages, 123 Individual Options and 24 Colors available, so get ready it’s going to be a rocky road.

Starting with engines, I will only briefly cover some of the advantages of each, as I will need to discuss with you more in regards to your driving plans to help you decide which motor is the best for you. The best part, the engine choices are both great diesel powered motors. a 2.1 liter inline 4 cyl, with twin sequential turbo’s, hooked up to a 7 speed automatic transmission is the new engine for 2014. I love this motor. I believe it is the best choice for 75% to 80% of the conversions you would build.

The other engine choice is the 3.0 liter V6 single turbo diesel with a 5 speed transmission. This is the same motor we have had since 2007. A great proven package that will really do the job, especially when you are towing a heavy trailer or traveling across the Rocky Mountains. More about engine choices in a future posting.

Colors are all fine, but if you want Calcite Yellow, I will want a very big deposit. Other colors, no problem. Interior you have a choice of fabric or vinyl, they call it Leatherette, and only in the same black color. Black seats with grey dash and door trim is all there is from the factory, but many of our conversion companies will color key the front interior to what ever your choice is for the rear conversion.

In the 30 option packages, there are some convenience items, some safety features, some are more of a commercial use, and some you would never want. I will touch on the packages that we generally use in Sprinters we are going to convert. I am happy to discuss the other packages if you have an interest, but you probably won’t want them if I don’t cover them here.

C01 Driver Comfort Pkg. All good stuff, you will want this unless you are going to get either the factory swivel bucket seat pkg or the suspension seat pkg, which this package conflicts because of the comfort seat feature, which comes in those other two options. If you don’t order the C01 you will want to get the extra 12 volt plug and the 2 extra keys, which gives you a total of four keys, individually. The hinged center lid is a toss up. Some like it some don’t, either way is just a personal choice.

C02 Driver Efficiency pkg. This is simple, do you want the factory rear backup camera and factory Becker Map Pilot Navigation system? They are pretty good systems, but sometimes customers have decided to go with other Nav systems or rear view cameras. Personally, I like the aftermarket rear view camera because it can be set up to be on all of the time, going forward, so it’s like having another set of eyes looking to the rear as you are driving forward. As far as Nav systems, most of us have phones with navigation that does an excellent job of getting us to where we want to go. So if you don’t get this package, please make sure we order the Cruise control as a separate option.

C03 & C04 Active Safety Plus Packages. I think these are the greatest options you can get on a Sprinter van. Just the Blind Spot Assist will save you from accidentally pulling in front of someone one either left or right side that you just did not see in the mirrors. Every feature in these two packages I would want in a Sprinter van if I ordered one. The main difference is whether or not you get the Partronic sensors in the front and rear bumpers, and again, to me this is a must have on a Sprinter van. If you decide not to order the Safety pkg, then be sure you get the power outside mirrors, the multi function steering wheel and the tinted windshield options, but just order the whole package and you get everything you need and should have.

C05 Appearance Pkg. Basically it is the factory Alloy wheels which make the van look great, and the more brighter Bi-Xenen headlights. If you don’t care about the wheels, not sure I would pay the extra for the high priced headlights.

C09 Cold Weather Pkg. OK, we are in Central Texas, but this winter it has been so doggone cold, I wish I had heated seats on every van. Really this package is pretty desirable for most of the USA. It includes the auxiliary heater, and that is another whole posting by itself. You can read my info about the aux heating systems by clicking the link at the top of this page that says, Auxiliary Heating Options. While we are discussing this package, the H04 as well as the H01 option for insulation, well what they call insulation is not much at all. Basically they add a few pieces of sticky back foam to the areas, which I guess does help some, but it is not like what the conversion company will do for insulating your van.

F01 Swivel Bucket Seat Pkg. This is a Fleet Only option, but I know how to order your van with it. That is the advantage of working with the Sprinter Guy. Pretty simple, do you want the ability to swivel the driver and front passenger seats to the rear? It is not advisable to drive with the seat facing to the rear, but it might be fun to watch the reaction from the guy in the lane next to you. This includes what the factory calls the Comfort Seats, which basically is the same seat as the non comfort seat but with a front thigh adjustment and a lumbar adjustment.

F02 Fleet Window Pkg. Again this is a Fleet Only option, but I can order it. What this gives you is the windows all around the van. Also includes the rear two door window rear defrosters. This does not give you any inside trim around the windows and they are not dark tinted. These are available options for both. Having the factory windows added for about $1000 is a bargain when you figure the cost to add the windows at the conversion shop will be close to $600 per window. The only thought here is if you want windows that open, the factory windows are fixed. So sometimes we will order the rear door windows, option X25, and the sliding side door window, option W17 as fixed windows then have the conversion shop add the opening type windows in your conversion. You probably will not want opening windows in the rear or side doors as the opening and closing of the doors will eventually cause those windows to rattle. Tinted windows just like the factory passenger van has is option code W70, which is dark tint on all side and rear windows, just not the front driver and passenger glass.

So we covered allot of ground with the different packages, and we are only half way through the list, plus we have the stand alone options to talk about, but that is for tomorrow. Again, if you have questions about these or any of the option packages or individual options please send me an email to dave@sprinterguy.com.
More to follow.


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