Wish That Your Air Compressor Wasn’t As Big, Want More Space, Or Just Need One?


Sprinter commercial fleets are growing across North America. The secret that
European fleet managers caught on to years ago seems to be out. These vans are
versatile, safe, great on fuel compared to pickup trucks, and have loads of room for
tools and materials. They also provide extra protection for materials and tools in the
dead of winter and the heat of summer. Applications as varied as construction, road
crews, utilities, plumbing and electrical are choosing the Sprinter over other

The upfitting requirements for vans are different than trucks. People are starting to
come around to the fact that vans need their own products, rather than “jimmying”
in tools designed for trucks. One of the first major tools that comes to mind in which
the traditional truck model simply doesn’t fit vans, like the Sprinter, is the air

Sprinter VMAC Underhood

Fortunately, one of the best mobile air compressor companies in the world has
designed an air compressor just for the Sprinter. VMAC (Vehicle Mounted Air
Compressors) specializes completely in the mobile air industry, and they know it
well, having sold their machines to road crews, mines, utilities, and construction in
North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East for
almost 20 years.

The UNDERHOOD LITE air compressor system is a rotary screw air compressor that
is installed under the hood of the Sprinter and provides 30 CFM of continuous air
power. It addresses the major issues caused by traditional compressors for vans.

Most upfitters resort to a skid-mount system that allows the heavy piece of
equipment to be moved in and out of the van, which causes all sorts of issues. The
weight being the most obvious, it’s a cumbersome piece of equipment for one
worker to maneuver and often ends in injury. Some upfitters try to install proper
ventilation in the van body, however if something goes wrong with the complex
system, exhaust fumes can be a major risk quickly. Even if the ventilation does work
well enough to keep everyone safe, it often makes the rest of the cargo reek.

The UNDERHOOD LITE air compressor addresses both of these issues and solves
some others. Since the system is installed on the engine, there is no need to move a
heavy piece of equipment in and out of the body, and ventilation takes care of itself,
keeping workers much safer. It also speeds the time required to set up for a job – a
button simply needs to be pushed and by the time you walk to the back of the van, it
is ready to go. The system is extremely lightweight. It only adds an additional 84 lbs
(with oil) to the van. This is a small fraction of the weight of competitor’s units, not
including the skid. An additional 84 lbs does basically nothing to fuel consumption,
leaving more space and weight for materials.

The UNDERHOOD LITE air compressor system has another advantage for the
Sprinter; since it is housed under the hood, it is protected from the elements – it
doesn’t overheat as quickly in extreme heat and it stays warm longer in extreme
cold. This improves productivity in the heat of summer and the depths of winter,
ensuring the Sprinter can get to more jobs everyday.

One last major benefit of the UNDERHOOD LITE that has to be mentioned is
performance and quality. It matches that of the Sprinter. VMAC is known for its high
manufacturing standards just like Mercedes-Benz. The UNDERHOOD LITE will last
as long as the Sprinter, and if anything goes wrong, it is backed by the best warranty
in the business.

For more information, visit www.vmacair.com/uhl.

Sprinter VMAC Underhood

2 thoughts on “Wish That Your Air Compressor Wasn’t As Big, Want More Space, Or Just Need One?

  1. I am looking for two items
    A fog lite sys for the 2015 Mercedes 2500
    That when installed we do not get a warning on dash that there is a lighting problem
    Also a grill guard for same

    1. Charlie,
      Just so I understand, you do not have the factory fog lights, you have added or plan to add aftermarket ones, is that correct? Because if you have the factory fog lights and are getting a lighting problem warning, the guys in the Sprinter shop will need to do some checking as to the cause. If aftermarket, you must make sure you wire them not through the current lighting system as that will cause the computer to through a code. You will need to wire them through an available fuse under the drivers seat.
      I use a local vendor who gets things like brush guards from Luverne, here is their website. http://www.luvernetruck.com/Product_Line/product_line.html
      Let me know if I got your first question about fog lights wrong.

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