I’ll Be Back! But for now, I’m on vacation!

This doesn’t mean I’m not working, my business is 24/7/365 all through http://www.theNVguy.com.


So if you have a question or need assistance with anything related to a new Nissan car, truck or van, send an email to dave@theNVguy.com and I will respond. It might be after I go fishing or to the movies, but I will send you a response.

If you need a quote or need to get a Nissan vehicle and cannot wait for me to get back, which will be around October 17th, 2019, you can send a text to me at 512-586-3310. I’ll get you with one of my associates that can take great care and assist us with a purchase.

So I’ll see you soon, I might post a few pics while I’m gone.

Toledo Ohio, here I come!