Happy Independence Day 2020

I hope all have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day. This is my 68th 4th of July, and I can tell you all, this is the greatest country in the entire world. I appreciate all the blessings that have been allowed of me and know what I enjoy came from the toils of those patriots that came before us.

So, on this 4th of July I will stand for our American flag. I will remember what the American’s did over the past 244 years to give us the freedom to believe in our way of life. I will honor those who gave their lives to give us these freedoms. I will say thank you to the military and police that I meet and see.

I wish you a wonderful 4th of July, our day of Independence, our Nations birthday. Take a minute to say a prayer for our leaders to keep us free. Tell everyone you meet have a great 4th of July and be proud of who you are and the land we live in. Most important be proud to be an American. I wish you the best my friends.