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Adrian Steel packages

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Or if you would prefer to have signage or a wrap

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Graphics Packages from Modagrafics, Inc.

With graphics packages from Modagrafics. Inc., commercial van customers can turn their vehicles into a mobile business card. Eligible NV Cargo, NV Passenger and NV200 Compact Cargo customers can receive custom-designed, produced and professionally installed graphics. For an additional cost, upgraded packages with additional square footage are also available.

Ordering Process:
1. Customer purchases vehicle and is eligible for incentive. The incentive packages include complimentary square footage of installed graphics or upgrade packages with increased square footage and added customer responsibility. Any additional graphics may be added at extra cost to customer and should be negotiated by the dealer and/or customer directly with Modagrafics. Additional charges cannot be submitted with the order through the NCV dealer portal.
2. Nissan dealer provides all information on the claim submitted via the NCV dealer portal; incentive orders must come through this site.
3. The claim is processed and orders are sent to Modagrafics daily.
4. Modagrafics will receive the order, and will contact the customer within one business day. All attempts to reach the customer will be documented and after the third attempt is unsuccessful, Modagrafics will contact the ordering dealer by phone to follow up.
5. Modagrafics will work with the customer to design the graphics.
6. Once the graphics are designed, they are approved by the customer. After graphics are approved the manufacturing process will begin.
7. The time frame from the customer approving the design to the finished graphic arriving on location is approximately 10 business days.
8. During graphic design process, Modagrafics will begin installation discussion with a Modagrafics Approved Graphic Installer. (There are installers in just about every large city in every state across the country).
9. Once the graphics are shipped to the installer, Modagrafics will contact dealer and customer within one business day to schedule graphic installation.
10. Coordination of install varies depending on dealer, customer and installer schedules.
11. Modagrafics will notify customer, dealer and NCV Program Headquarters when install is complete.

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