4 thoughts on “NV Guy YouTube Channel

  1. deborah prescott

    How many miles per gallon. I am a delivery driver . I drive about 1300miles a week. Just purchased 2014 Honda Odessey . But need bigger van to make more$.

    1. Deborah,

      If you are looking for the vehicle that has the most room, the best fuel economy and the best reputation, the Sprinter is your van.

      Fuel mileage is hard to give an exact figure, but my customers tell me that with the V6 turbo diesel engine, they can realistically get between 18 to 22 mpg, and with the new 4 cyl twin turbo diesel engine I am getting reports of between 22 to 26 mpg. Of course your mileage will be dependant upon many factors like the weight of the load, where your driving is, up hill or against the wind will effect it, as well as the speed you drive.

      No matter what you cannot beat a Sprinter van for best in class in all areas.

      Would you like me to give you a quote for a new Sprinter van? Let me know more about what kind of loads you are carrying, weight and size so I can give you a price quote.



  2. Jarod

    I am wanting to replace a diesel ford e450 with a sprinter 3500 170 wb , I occasionally tow a 14k gross dump trailer loaded with jobsite debris, trailer loads are typically 2-3k lbs, Most of the time just hauling tools and building materials. Which engine would you recommend. Fuel economy is driving force. Currently averaging 9,57 per gallon! Can the 4 cyl handle it?

    1. Jarod,
      Man I am so sorry, but our heaviest duty Sprinter van can only tow up to a 7500 lb total cargo load including the trailer. If you were towing 7500 lbs or less, I would say the 4 cyl will certainly do the job, you might consider the V6 just to be sure you have the torque needed to do the job efficiently. Even with our V6 turbo diesel you will be able to near double your current fuel economy.

      If you have any questions about Sprinter vans please send me back a note.


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