I’ll Be Back! But for now, I’m on vacation!

This doesn’t mean I’m not working, my business is 24/7/365 all through http://www.theNVguy.com.


So if you have a question or need assistance with anything related to a new Nissan car, truck or van, send an email to dave@theNVguy.com and I will respond. It might be after I go fishing or to the movies, but I will send you a response.

If you need a quote or need to get a Nissan vehicle and cannot wait for me to get back, which will be around October 17th, 2019, you can send a text to me at 512-586-3310. I’ll get you with one of my associates that can take great care and assist us with a purchase.

So I’ll see you soon, I might post a few pics while I’m gone.

Toledo Ohio, here I come!

2 minutes with Dave the NV Guy!

Sunshine and 70 degrees here in Temple Texas. Nissan USA just announced special offers to get us started in 2019. If you don’t want to miss any updates of special offers from Dave the NV Guy just click the “Sign Me Up” link on the right side if you are on a desktop, or scroll down the page if you are on a mobile device.

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Section 179 of the IRS Code

It’s that time of the year. You need to ask your tax adviser or CPA about the IRS Section Code 179 and what it can do for you in 2018.

Section 179 flyer

If you would like more details about the Section 179 IRS tax code, or want a quote for a Nissan NV200, NV1500, NV2500, NV3500, NV Passenger, Frontier Pickup, Titan or Titan XD truck, complete the contact form below and submit.


Dave Graham, Fleet/Commercial Sales Mgr, Garlyn Shelton Nissan, Temple Texas

Phone 254-742-4149 or email dave@theNVguy.com

Get Your Business Seen!

Think to yourself, you’re driving down the road and a truck or van pulls up next to you, with a quality sign or wrap on the side or rear, what do you do?

Well if you are like 90% of everyone else, you look at the business name and if you might have a need for that service, you take notice of the phone number or website address.


You certainly will remember Tri-City Service when you see their colorful and patriotic professionally wrapped van. You might then jot down the phone number or web address, but you might just remember the name so you can google it later.

Or maybe you do what I do….take a quick pic with my cell phone.

NV200 Aztec Auto glass

NV200 Aplliance Express

NV200 Samsung

Here is my suggestion, let Dave the NV Guy help you get your work truck or van wrapped or signs added to give your business the notice you deserve. Purchase or lease a new Nissan and you can get a partial wrap or signs done, at NO CHARGE TO YOU! Click the link below to see what we can do for your business.


Then give Dave the NV Guy a call at 254-742-4149, text 512-586-3310 or email dave@theNVguy.com to get started.





Do you want to know why the Nissan NV van is the Right Van for your needs, watch this video!

I have been selling vans for over 40 years now, the Nissan NV van is most definitely the strongest, most durable, more affordable than every other van in the industry!

click the link below to see the video

Nissan NV Vans at the Test Track


Here is a list of Nissan NV Vans available today!

2018 NV1500 standard roof V6 – 3 in stock

2018 NV2500 standard roof V8 – 1 in stock

2018 NV2500 high roof V6 – 4 in stock

2018 NV2500 high roof V8 – 1 in stock

2018 NV3500 high roof V8 – 2 in stock

Red, White and Blue NV200 display 2

Here is the list of NV200 Cargo Vans available today!

2017 NV200 S trim – 1 left and that is it!

2018 NV200 S trim – 12 in stock

2018 NV200 SV trim – 14 in stock

  • DEMO SALE – 2018 NV200 SV stk# JK690221 MSRP $24,305



Sale price for Tier-1 Fleet Buyer includes Adrian Steel partition and ladder rack at no additional cost.

To get a no hassle price quote, call Dave at 254-742-4149 or text 512-586-3310 or email dave@theNVguy.com


Take a look at the new NV200 purchased by Tri-City Service Appliance Repair.

You will see this van all over the Temple-Belton area.


You won’t miss this van when you see it!


If you need help with any home appliance, give Max a call.


And if you would like to have your business “Stand Out in the Crowd” let Dave the NV Guy help you with a new Nissan Titan, Frontier, NV200 or full size NV van and have it wrapped like Tri-City Service did.

Dave the NV Guy at Garlyn Shelton Nissan. Call direct 254-742-4149 or email dave@theNVguy.com