Special Offer for Select Franchise or Distributors.

It’s easy to qualify for this Special Offer. If your business is listed as a Franchise of or a Distributor on the corporate website for the companies listed below, then you qualify.

Here are examples of the Special Offers on new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris vans if you qualify. Every new 2015 or 2016 Sprinter and Metris vans are available for this Special Offer.

This information is password protected because it is not available to anyone other than qualified Franchise or Distributors on the approved list below. To get the password to access the special offers please complete this contact me form and submit. I will send to you the password to access the special offers. Be sure to check if your company is on this list!

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URGENT INFO FOR MEMBERS of – BuyMax Alliance and Associated Builders and Contractors. #nvguy

Congratulations, you have earned a special Fleet Discount on any new Nissan Vehicle. #fleetdiscount


ABC Central Texas Chapter logoBuyMax Alliance logo

     This offer is from Dave the NV Guy and Nissan USA.

offer for BuyMax Alliance and ABC

   I cannot post on the internet what the savings you will get, not fair for the other company’s that do not get this enhanced Fleet Savings, but send me your info below and I will let you know how much you can save on a new Nissan Vehicle. #nissanfleet

Next month begins my 45th year in the “Car Business”

Next month, I begin my 45th year in the “Car Business”. Someone just asked me “How many cars did I sell in my many years in the business?” Here is my answer…..NONE, but I sure helped lots of folks buy a car! What I learned many years ago was to not be a “Car Salesman” but be someone who assists people in selecting the right vehicle for their needs, then helps them get the “deal” that makes it work for them.

Over the past 9 years my customers came to me with a need, sometimes a business vehicle need, some were more of a personal use. For the business person it is a piece of equipment that will help them be more productive in their occupation. Not much emotion involved in the decision process, just a business decision. I spent many hours at my customers place of business, I did not expect them to come see me.

But what I always attempted to do is help make sure the van or vehicle was the right one for their needs. Then I would help solve the problem of getting the vehicle upfitted with whatever that business needed to get it ready to use. I sourced the upfit or conversion, usually would get it done before the customer took delivery of the new vehicle. I wanted to be able to hand over the keys to my client with everything done so they could start using it on day one.

Probably the most satisfying problem solving was when I could get a van upfitted for mobility or handicap use. It pleased me to no end when the customer came in to pick up their new van with everything done so they could travel and enjoy getting out no matter how difficult it would be for them due a disability.

In my current position of Fleet/Commercial Sales Manager at Garlyn Shelton Nissan I can assist you in “Buying” a new NV Van or a Titan or Frontier pick up truck that can be a business asset for your needs. Let me help you solve your problem and get a van or truck set up to work for you.

You will find my experience and knowledge is what you have been looking for instead of the typical “Car Salesman”. I would like to know more about your business and your needs. I will stop by your office or store, no need for you to take your busy time away from your business. Give me a call at 254-742-4149 or send me an email to dave@theNVguy.com.