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In my constant search for information about our Sprinter brand, I ran across a fellow blogger, Greg, who has a site called A lot of great information in his site, and I recommend you check it out. I will add a link to go directly to his site on the BlogRoll tab on the right hand side of this page or the Sprinter Forums tab at the top of this page.

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Here are some of the other great sources of information all about Sprinter.


Sprintervan on Yahoo

Sportsmobile Forum

Although the Sportsmobile Forum will have brand X vehicle info on it as well as our beloved Sprinter, the Sportsmobile name is synomymous with High Quality Sprinter Conversions.

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This Is Why You Buy A Sprinter Van!!!!!


This is life at its best! Taking your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van, with a Sportsmobile RV Conversion, and park it on the beach, 100 yards from the most southern part of Florida in Key West.

Thanks to Jim for sending me this picture of where he is today.

Maybe the Sprinter Guy needs to set up a mobile office there?.

33.1 MPG on a Sprinter Van!!! But there is more to the story!


This posting was from late 2012, but receives more hits online than any other article ever written by Dave, the “Sprinter Guy” which tells me that everyone is looking for a full size van with great fuel mileage. The amazing thing about this story is it was about a van with the V6 turbo diesel, before we even had the 4 cyl twin turbo with the 7-speed automatic transmission that most all of my customers tell me are getting 20% better fuel mileage than what the V6 gets. So now we have two great engine offerings for the full size Sprinter vans, the 3.0 liter V6 turbo diesel with the 5-speed automatic or the more fuel efficient 2.1 liter inline 4 cyl twin turbo charged engine mated to the 7 speed automatic.

You are reading that correctly – 33.1 MPG on a Sprinter Van

So here is the “Rest of the Story”


One of our Sportsmobile-Sprinter owners, let’s just call him JB, sent me this pic of his dash display. Seems JB was traveling around the Grand Canyon and started out the day at about 9,000 ft elevation. As you can see it’s 62 degrees, so most likely the A/C was off. And you see he traveled 13 miles in 31 minutes with an average speed of 25 mph.

He ended at the 4,000 foot level, and took this picture…31.1 mpg. So here is proof the Sprinter Van gets “Best in Class” in the fuel economy area.

Oh, and there’s more. Seems JB had made a wrong turn somewhere along the trip and had to head uphill to get turned around.

No matter what, here are a few pictures of what JB saw while on this part of his journey.

JB, thanks for sharing these photos with the Sprinter Guy and Sprinter Van lovers all over the world.

You can be enjoying the sites of our great nation in your own Sprinter Van with a Sportsmobile Conversion. Give Dave the Sprinter Guy a call at 512-942-6923 or email for information about all things Sprinter.

In an update to the story about JB’s fuel economy, JB was in for service last week, and we visited about his Sprinter and the joy it has given him over the past couple of years. He says that he consistantly will get 22-24 mpg driving normally all over the USA. But in reality, getting 30 mpg is not too out of what many owners are getting with their 2014 4 cyl twin turbo diesel with 7 speed automatic Sprinter vans. If you would like more info about a 2016 Sprinter van or the all new Metris Mid-Size van, just complete the form below and submit. I will return to you the info you request.


You want a Sprinter Converted to RV or Luxury Passenger, but don’t want to wait the 6 to 7 months you have been told….

We now have a Nationwide network of quality Sprinter Conversion companies from East to West Coast and from Florida to Oregon.


Sprinter Conversion Sources

You can have a Sprinter converted to a Luxury Passenger vehicle or a B-Class RV by one of the vendors listed in the link above.

And the best part is, if you allow the Sprinter Guy to assist you in getting your Sprinter van, and we use one of these vendors, I will offer to you SPECIAL PRICING on your new Sprinter Van. We then will add to our special price the cost that you and the conversion company determine for the conversion, to make a completed converted Sprinter van purchased from us. You have the choice from where your Sprinter Van comes from when you have it converted.

If you plan to place an order for a Sprinter van equipped with the color and options that you want, we can have your van dropped shipped directly to the conversion company for the conversion completion.

We will take care of getting everything set up with the conversion shop to get your van in their build schedule. In most cases we will take care of all of the local DMV work to title the converted Sprinter Van.

And we have financing programs from Mercedes-Benz Finance with terms up to 72 months, or if you get an RV conversion with the proper equipment, we can assist you with longer term RV financing.

And did I say Special Pricing, if you don’t contact Dave Graham, the Sprinter Guy before buying or getting your quote on a converted Sprinter, especially if you are dealing directly with a conversion company, you will be greatly disappointed. Just make sure you tell me you want a quote for a Sprinter van to be converted by one of the conversion sources listed HERE.

Since January 2010, I have assisted almost 400 buyers of Sprinter vans, with about half of these converted to RV’s or Family and Luxury passenger vans. You can have confidence that you will get the right van that will be best suited to your conversion needs. Our success is due to having the Sprinter product knowledge and knowing who to go to for upfits or conversions to make your puchase stress-free and enjoyable. It all starts with a call to Dave at 512-930-6158 or send an email to You can also complete the form below and I will send you an email with more details.


What Sprinter Van is the BEST for a Conversion?

I get asked this question about 10 times each month…and the answer is – There Is No Correct Answer!


In the past four years, I have helped over 200 clients, get the Sprinter van that works best for their conversion. Although there may be some options that I strongly suggest, the size of the van is really dependent upon how you plan to use your Sprinter van. So let’s talk about the right size Sprinter Van.

144 in wheelbase is absolutely the easiest Sprinter van to drive, especially if you drive in city streets. At 19 1/2 feet long bumper to bumper this Sprinter van is about a foot longer than a full size Suburban, and a few inches shorter than a Ford Super Cab pickup truck. And with its 47.6 foot turning diameter, it can turn a circle in tight spaces. The only thing you have to watch out for, is the exterior height.

The standard roof van is 8 feet tall. Add to this about 9 inches for the factory roof air conditioning or any aftermarket roof top A/C, so you are OK to go through the drive thru’s that are 8’10” or more. This gives you about 65 inches of interior stand up room which is still higher than most other vans of any type. Go with the high roof, add another foot to the outside height, and that much more inside. So with a factory or aftermarket roof A/C on the high roof van, if the drive thru is less than 9’10”, do not attempt to drive through it.

The inside floor space on the 144″ wb is 10 1/2 feet from the back of the drivers seat to the back doors. On the 2500 with single rear wheels (I will cover dual wheels in a little while) you have 53 inches of floor space between the wheel wells, and it is 70 inches from wall to wall at the floor level. As the side walls do start to taper up from about halfway up the sides, the side to side gets a little less near the top of the van.

It’s pretty amazing how much you can put inside the short wheelbase van, whether you are doing a custom passenger van or a full Class “B” RV. But if you need more room, then we go to the 2500 170″ wheelbase van. This van is 22 feet 10 inches long bumper to bumper, and now you have 14 feet of interior cargo length.

All 170″ wb vans are the high roof type, so you have 6’4″ of interior stand up height, more room than most full size RV’s have. One advantage of using this size van, the longer wheelbase will generally give you a better ride. But if this is not enough room inside, we can use a 170″ wb with the Extended body, which will give you 15 1/2 feet of cargo floor length. When you open the side sliding door and look to the back of the van, you will be amazed at how much room there is.

The 170 Extended van is what most of the companies like Airstream or Pleasure Way use in their B class RV conversions. This van is 24 feet long bumper to bumper, so it is longer than a normal parking spot, therefor when you are looking for a spot to park, think about using big parking lots with lots of room.

Up to now I have been referring to our 2500 models, which are single rear wheel vans. These will have a cargo carrying capacity of 2800 to 3000 lbs. Usually plenty enough for most conversions, but if you are building a full RV with water holding tanks or generators you might need to use the 3500 chassis.

The 3500 models are all dual rear wheels and can carry a payload up to 5000 lbs. You can get the same length vans in the 3500 that we have in a 2500. Short wheelbase, 170 wheelbase or Extended. The disadvantage of the 3500, you lose some interior floor space as the distance between the wheel wells drops to 38 inches. Generally you will find the ride a little firmer, translate rougher, on the 3500 because the stiffer springs and heavier duty tires. But once you get a completed RV conversion in a 3500, the weight you added really smooth’s out the ride.

Now I will have customers who tell me they want the 3500 because it will handle better on the road. I’m not so convinced that this is the case. All Sprinter vans come with our ESP Stability control system that makes sure you are in control of your van in case you need to make an emergency maneuver. One thing that I do think is important for the handling of any Sprinter van is to get the Heavy Duty Stabilizer bar option, which I will get in to next.

This is page one of my dissertation of “What Sprinter Van is the BEST for a Conversion”. Part two will added tomorrow, where we go through options and packages for the Sprinter van.


What is the BEST Sprinter van for a conversion, Day 2.

The BEST Sprinter Van is the one that gives you the most room, in the most convenient vehicle to drive.


We have built custom conversions on every possible combination of size and model. Now we need to look at what options you want and NEED. For 2014 there are 30 Option Packages, 123 Individual Options and 24 Colors available, so get ready it’s going to be a rocky road.

Starting with engines, I will only briefly cover some of the advantages of each, as I will need to discuss with you more in regards to your driving plans to help you decide which motor is the best for you. The best part, the engine choices are both great diesel powered motors. a 2.1 liter inline 4 cyl, with twin sequential turbo’s, hooked up to a 7 speed automatic transmission is the new engine for 2014. I love this motor. I believe it is the best choice for 75% to 80% of the conversions you would build.

The other engine choice is the 3.0 liter V6 single turbo diesel with a 5 speed transmission. This is the same motor we have had since 2007. A great proven package that will really do the job, especially when you are towing a heavy trailer or traveling across the Rocky Mountains. More about engine choices in a future posting.

Colors are all fine, but if you want Calcite Yellow, I will want a very big deposit. Other colors, no problem. Interior you have a choice of fabric or vinyl, they call it Leatherette, and only in the same black color. Black seats with grey dash and door trim is all there is from the factory, but many of our conversion companies will color key the front interior to what ever your choice is for the rear conversion.

In the 30 option packages, there are some convenience items, some safety features, some are more of a commercial use, and some you would never want. I will touch on the packages that we generally use in Sprinters we are going to convert. I am happy to discuss the other packages if you have an interest, but you probably won’t want them if I don’t cover them here.

C01 Driver Comfort Pkg. All good stuff, you will want this unless you are going to get either the factory swivel bucket seat pkg or the suspension seat pkg, which this package conflicts because of the comfort seat feature, which comes in those other two options. If you don’t order the C01 you will want to get the extra 12 volt plug and the 2 extra keys, which gives you a total of four keys, individually. The hinged center lid is a toss up. Some like it some don’t, either way is just a personal choice.

C02 Driver Efficiency pkg. This is simple, do you want the factory rear backup camera and factory Becker Map Pilot Navigation system? They are pretty good systems, but sometimes customers have decided to go with other Nav systems or rear view cameras. Personally, I like the aftermarket rear view camera because it can be set up to be on all of the time, going forward, so it’s like having another set of eyes looking to the rear as you are driving forward. As far as Nav systems, most of us have phones with navigation that does an excellent job of getting us to where we want to go. So if you don’t get this package, please make sure we order the Cruise control as a separate option.

C03 & C04 Active Safety Plus Packages. I think these are the greatest options you can get on a Sprinter van. Just the Blind Spot Assist will save you from accidentally pulling in front of someone one either left or right side that you just did not see in the mirrors. Every feature in these two packages I would want in a Sprinter van if I ordered one. The main difference is whether or not you get the Partronic sensors in the front and rear bumpers, and again, to me this is a must have on a Sprinter van. If you decide not to order the Safety pkg, then be sure you get the power outside mirrors, the multi function steering wheel and the tinted windshield options, but just order the whole package and you get everything you need and should have.

C05 Appearance Pkg. Basically it is the factory Alloy wheels which make the van look great, and the more brighter Bi-Xenen headlights. If you don’t care about the wheels, not sure I would pay the extra for the high priced headlights.

C09 Cold Weather Pkg. OK, we are in Central Texas, but this winter it has been so doggone cold, I wish I had heated seats on every van. Really this package is pretty desirable for most of the USA. It includes the auxiliary heater, and that is another whole posting by itself. You can read my info about the aux heating systems by clicking the link at the top of this page that says, Auxiliary Heating Options. While we are discussing this package, the H04 as well as the H01 option for insulation, well what they call insulation is not much at all. Basically they add a few pieces of sticky back foam to the areas, which I guess does help some, but it is not like what the conversion company will do for insulating your van.

F01 Swivel Bucket Seat Pkg. This is a Fleet Only option, but I know how to order your van with it. That is the advantage of working with the Sprinter Guy. Pretty simple, do you want the ability to swivel the driver and front passenger seats to the rear? It is not advisable to drive with the seat facing to the rear, but it might be fun to watch the reaction from the guy in the lane next to you. This includes what the factory calls the Comfort Seats, which basically is the same seat as the non comfort seat but with a front thigh adjustment and a lumbar adjustment.

F02 Fleet Window Pkg. Again this is a Fleet Only option, but I can order it. What this gives you is the windows all around the van. Also includes the rear two door window rear defrosters. This does not give you any inside trim around the windows and they are not dark tinted. These are available options for both. Having the factory windows added for about $1000 is a bargain when you figure the cost to add the windows at the conversion shop will be close to $600 per window. The only thought here is if you want windows that open, the factory windows are fixed. So sometimes we will order the rear door windows, option X25, and the sliding side door window, option W17 as fixed windows then have the conversion shop add the opening type windows in your conversion. You probably will not want opening windows in the rear or side doors as the opening and closing of the doors will eventually cause those windows to rattle. Tinted windows just like the factory passenger van has is option code W70, which is dark tint on all side and rear windows, just not the front driver and passenger glass.

So we covered allot of ground with the different packages, and we are only half way through the list, plus we have the stand alone options to talk about, but that is for tomorrow. Again, if you have questions about these or any of the option packages or individual options please send me an email to
More to follow.


This is an update for previous post – What Sprinter Van would be BEST for a Conversion?

I get asked this question many times from prospects looking to custom build a Sprinter Van into their personal Luxury or RV van.


I wrote this post about three years ago and it still holds true today. There are a few items that I will address here today.

It’s July 2017 and we have just started receiving the new 2017 model year vans. We now know that 2018 model year will be a carry over from the current model, but not sure when production will begin on the 2018’s.

It looks like the 2019 model year will be the new Sprinter that will be built in our Ladson South Carolina facility. There has been many incorrect internet stories saying the new van will be here in 2018, so hang on there a little while longer to see the new Sprinter.

For now all we can get are the V6 3.0 liter diesel engine with the 5 speed automatic transmission. The 4 cyl diesel we hope to see again in 2018.

Since my last posting we now have a 3500 one ton model called the Super Single. It gives you about 4000 lbs of payload with single rear wheels in the rear. This gives you 48 inches on the floor between the wheel wells instead of the 38 inches on the dually. You can get up to 5000 lbs of payload with the dual rear wheel 3500 and the 11,030 GVWR option.

Many of you have inquired about the Sprinter 4×4. I have sold 42 Sprinter 4×4’s since production began 2 years ago. Certainly having the 4 wheel drive capability for some serious off road driving makes it a must have for some conversions. But, it adds about 4 inches to the height of the van, and of course another $7500 to the price, but if you are driving in the snow country or some off road situations, well it’s worth every penny of the difference. The only real issue is you have to wait to get one. The Sprinter 4×4’s can take 8 to 10 months to get. Take a look at this Sprinter 4×4 that is here in stock for sale today. It is a 2500 170″ wheelbase extended body cargo van.


So send me an email, with any questions you may have about a Sprinter van to be converted, or to get your van ordered. I have one van you might consider for a conversion, it’s a new 2016 Cargo 144″ wheelbase high roof with factory rear roof air, rear heat and the X14 Upfitter Prep package that gives you all of the factory tinted windows and the complete interior like a passenger van, but no rear seats. Here are a couple of pictures.



One other important item in your plan to build a custom van is which comes first, the van or the conversion? Actually you need to be working on both, but here is what I believe is the best way to proceed.

Normal production time for 2 wheel drive vans is 3-5 months from when we place the order to when it arrives here. 4×4’s will take between 7 to 12 months from order to arrival, so either way you have lots of time to be finalizing your conversion specs. Most of the conversion shops are telling prospects anywhere from 4 months to as long as a year to get in their production schedule.

So once you have decided the size and model of the van you plan to start with, you should get the order placed with the Sprinter Guy as soon as possible to get your order in the order queue. Once that part is done, you can work with your conversion shop or your own design to finalize the conversion.

But truth be told any of our Sprinter models could be excellent vans to begin your custom build. There are some options though that might just make one of these vans YOUR PERFECT SPRINTER.

But first some basics about a Sprinter van for a custom conversion. I would say either of our diesel engines will do a great job for you in a Sprinter conversion. I am a big fan of our 4 cyl twin turbo diesel with the 7 speed automatic transmission. Plenty of power and fantastic fuel economy which is one of the reasons you are considering a Sprinter in the first place.

Windows, some of these have either windows in the sliding side door or rear two doors, and a couple have windows all around. If you want more windows, the conversion shop can add whatever you want in windows. Just remember the factory rear windows are fixed and do not open.

Swivel bucket seats, from the factory are great, but if one of these does not have them we can have them added, no problem.

Some of the following examples have the optional HD Suspension package. This gives you heavier duty front and rear stabilizer bars which help keep your van from leaning in hard turns or when you come off of curbs or driveways. All Sprinters have stabilizer bars, the HD just adds thicker bars.

I have many conversations with customers in regards to rear air conditioning. Some of the vans I have listed below come with the factory roof rear air. This system is great for a rear air while the engine is running, as it has its own compressor on the engine, separate from the front air conditioning. The only negative is the van engine has to be running for you to get rear air with the factory system. Our conversion shops can add rear air units, sometimes mounted on the roof, but sometimes mounted under the rear of the van to give you a cleaner and lower roof. These units, and there are many to choose, can run from the engine or from a separate 12 volt or 110 volt electric system. The electrically operated system allows you to run the rear air conditioning without having to run your vans diesel engine. You will need some type of electric power system which can be additional batteries, roof solar panels, generators or 110 volt shore line power.

Finally in the options department, there are a couple of the following vans that have the factory Variable High Idle package. What this can do for you is when the van is parked, and you wish to run the vans engine to power either your roof air or other electrical items, you can boost the vans idle speed in increments of 50 rpm to increase the performance of the alternator to power these accessories and to recharge your batteries. The normal idle speed for a Sprinter is around 600-700 rpm. In order to get more juice from the alternator you should boost the idle up to 1200 to 1800 rpm.

When it comes to discussions about the size of your Sprinter for your custom conversion, it is a tough decision sometimes as to which van to choose. 2500 or 3500, pretty much I suggest you stay with the 2500 as long as you are not going to have over 3000 lbs of total cargo. That is the conversion, plus your personal stuff as well as fuel and any water in holding tanks. If you are over the 3000 lb weight, then definitely you need to be in the 3500 with the dual rear wheels. With a 3500 and the 11,030 GVWR you can carry about 5000 lbs of cargo. Down side, you have 6 tires to replace instead of 4, you will lose a little fuel economy and you lose a little floor space as the distance between the wheel wells on the floor on the 3500 is 38 inches, compared to 53 inches on the 2500.

On the 144″ wheelbase you have a choice of either the standard low roof or the high roof model. All 170″ wheelbase vans are high roofs. The low roof van is 8 foot high outside height, compared to 9 foot high on the high roof. Add to that any roof mounted air conditioning system that typically will be about 9″ to 10″ additional. On the inside, the low roof gives you 5′ 4″ of inside stand up height compared to 6′ 4″ on the high roof. Usually neither will go into normal size home garage or parking structures. I find I can drive the low roof models through most all of the food drive-throughs, high roofs will normally not fit the drive-throughs if you have a roof air unit.

Then we get into the interior cargo length. a 144″ wheelbase gives you 10 1/2 feet of length from the back of the drivers seat to the rear door. The 170″ wheelbase gives you 14 feet of cargo floor length. If you get the 170 Extended body Sprinter, you get an additional 15 inches of cargo room or almost 15 1/2 feet from the back of the drivers seat to the back doors. You can access on some of the conversion company websites, their floorplans to see how much room it gives you when you start adding seating, toilets, kitchens and sleeping areas. I can also assist you with determining how much room you will need to do what you want with your custom conversion.

So now let’s look at my top picks out of my current inventory that I suggest you consider for a custom Sprinter conversion. Click the following links to open the PDF showing the options and retail price for each van, and click the photo to enlarge it for easier viewing.

2014 2500 144 low roof Pearl Silver Met 4 cyl $44,230 #E5874848
This low roof 144″ wb would be a great van to add a Sportsmoblie poptop to, or one that can tow your boat or small travel trailor, and still have plenty of room inside the van for your “STUFF”


2014 2500 144 high roof Pearl Silver Met 4 cyl mobility prep pkg rear roof air $55,080 #E5914080

With the Mobility Prep package that this van has, you get full windows all around, interior trim like the passenger vans, but no seats. This also has the factory roof rear air and front swivel bucket seats.
2014 2500 170 Pearl Silver Met. 4 cyl $51,020 #E5867472


Active Safety Pkg, in dash GPS/Nav along with rear camera, heated front seats, allow wheels, variable high idle pkg, HD stabilizer bar pkg and windows in side and rear doors. Perfect start for a full RV or luxury passenger conversion.

2014 2500 170 Brilliant Silver 4 cyl $51,715 eta early September


Factory trailer tow hitch and wiring, additional bracket to add a second air conditioning compressor on the engine, cold weather pkg, Nav and back up camera and active safety, loaded and ready to convert.

2014 2500 170 Arctic White 4 cyl rear roof air $55,160 #E5879741

This van was ordered for a customer to be converted, and his business failed and now it is available. Has factory rear roof air and heat in a 170 cargo van. Has the variable high idle pkg, safety Plus pkg, nav and rear camera.

2014 2500 170E Extended Body Arctic White 4 cyl $56,130 #E5935509 eta mid July
This van is due in any day now. Has it all, full extended body 170″ wbase, rear roof air, rear heat, active safety pkg, cold weather pkg with heated seats adn windshield, high idle pkg, lighting pkg with bi-xenon headlights and more.

2014 3500 170 Brilliant Silver V6, fleet window, dual sliding doors $53,765 #E58577232014 2500 170E Extended Body Arctic White $44,630 eta early September

VIN #723 dual sliding door silver 170 1
I bet you won’t find too many like this van, sliding doors on both sides. Windows all around, front buckets swivel, HD suspension, V6 and the heaviest load rating on this 170″ wb 3500.
2014 3500 170 Extended 9,990 gvwr brilliant silver 4 cyl fleet window $49,510 #E5889192

VIN #192 pic 2

3500 with extended body, dark tinted windows all around, trailer tow pkg, additional aux battery, high idle pkg and second bracket on the engine for another air conditioning compressor. Perfect for a fully equipped luxury RV conversion.
Every one of these vans I can get converted by one of our conversion vendors, or assist you in doing it yourself. There will be a special sale price for each of these vans, just send me an email with what van you are interested in and I will give you the Sprinter Guy sale price.

contact or call me at 512-930-6158


This 2017 Sprinter Cargo Van looks FANTASTIC!


Brilliant Silver Metallic with color keyed front and rear bumpers sets this 2017 Sprinter Cargo van apart from the crowd.


Nicely equipped with the Active Safety Pkg, Alloy Wheels, Bi-Xenon headlights, Navigation and Rear Camera. Has trailer hitch and the HD front and rear stabilizers along with the rear spring vibration absorber. Here is the link with the factory options.

2017 2500 170 Brilliant Silver $54,998 #HP509838


You could turn this Sprinter into a luxury touring van, a full RV camper or just set it up for your special needs.


I has the look of expensive high end conversions, but you can build it out any way you want.


Or we can assist you in getting  a custom conversion built by one of the many conversion shops we use.


Let me know what you would like to turn this into and we an work on our plan to get it ready for your special rig.

Call Dave at 512-942-6923 or email